Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So far, so good

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me good thoughts and used their wishes on me. It's amazing how wonderful this community has been.

Everything went smoothly today. The medicine kicked in very fast and I woke up with the doctor telling me they had retrieved 15 eggs. I'm not sure how many follicles there were or if all of those eggs were mature because I was too woozy to ask. I did learn that they asked B to produce another sample while I was under. The lab tech told him some men are asked to produce three. I'm trying not to worry about that...they also froze a sample before this process started so there's always a backup. I mean, all we need are 15 good sperm, right? We'll get the fertilization report tomorrow. If we get to transfer, it will be Saturday or (their preference) Monday.

So far I'm okay. We went right out to breakfast and I had delicious challah french toast and orange juice. Everyone thought it was funny that I wanted to go out as soon as they released me. It tasted so good. After I'd been home for a few hours the pain medication wore off. I'm walking like a 90 year old right now, but it's bearable. I've been drinking and monitoring my output. It hurts to use the bathroom, but I have had to go. I'm really hoping that all of your good wishes are the good luck charm I need to prove my doctor wrong!

I'm going to try and post an update tomorrow after we have our fertilization report.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hopeful Mother said...

Excellent news - 15 is absolutely great.

I hate how the doctor always tells you the news when you are barely conscious - we actually had to call our doctor after the retrieval to verify the number, because I wasn't sure I remembered correctly!

Sounds like you are feeling OK, and I hope that continues. Hoping for continued good news.

Michelle said...

That's wonderful news! Don't worry about the sample - like you said, they have back-up if they need it. Glad you enjoyed breakfast afterward! Now take good care of yourself. Can't wait to see your next round of good news. :)

thetowncriers said...

Woohoo! That is fantastic.

I made my wish a little longer than just retrieval and transfer to include good things for the wait and life beyond (when you get that positive...)

Hoping for more good news with the fertilization report.