Monday, November 13, 2006

Lather, rinse and repeat

That's what came into my head when I received the phone call from the IVF nurse today. I went in yesterday for bloodwork and a sonogram. They called me and instructed me to reduce my Foll*istim from 150 to 50 units and come in today at 7:30 for more bloodwork and another sonogram. I just received today's call...same dose tonight and I'm back tomorrow morning at 8:30. I thought that I'd be monitored every other day, but I'd rather they err on the side of watching me too closely.

The wedding reception injection issue ended up not being an issue at all. The ceremony and reception were one hour apart in different locations. We ended up meeting at B's aunt's house (she lives about halfway between the two locations) before going to the reception because we were all starving. I was thus able to do the injections in their bathroom. So here's my little invention:

This is what I came up with to hold my Re*pronex syringe. I was worried that if I didn't protect it the plunger would get depressed in my purse. The Foll*istim pen case, where I was planning on storing the syringe, was too big to fit in my purse. We get lots of these BB&B coupons in the mail and they were perfect - it was like a little poster tube. I'll bet the people at BB&B never thought someone would use their coupon like this!

The Re*pronex injections continue to be painful. I tried sitting down last night while injecting (for some reason, I always stand when I do them) and I think that helped. I feel like I have a series of small bruises around my stomach area that make it hard for me to wear jeans. There aren't any welts, though. I've accepted that they're just going to hurt and I'm hanging in there.

I'd like to once again express my appreciation for my older SIL, the one who is currently pregnant. She asked me a lot of questions about how the IVF procedures are going and how I'm dealing with everything. I could tell that she was honestly interested and not just making small talk. It was so nice to have her bring it up and good to share. It made me feel more at ease asking her about how her pregnancy is going. I guess I just feel awkward - like I don't want her to think I'm trying to live through her, or that I'm just asking to be polite and not because I care. Let me stress that she has done nothing to make me feel this's really all about my own hangups. I felt like we built a little bridge of communication between the land of infertility and fertility. And talking about it just made it feel a little more normal.

And finally, here they are- my finished retrieval/transfer socks. I finished them last night. It was such an awesome feeling!

If any of you knit, the yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Crazy Woman". You don't have to knit to see how appropriate the name of this colorway is. :)


aah0424 said...

You are very lucky to have such an understanding SIL. I have many people in my life that know what is going on, but my best friend is truly interested in what I'm going through and that makes me feel good that someone who doesn't know it firsthand is interested in knowing more about IF.

I LOVE the socks! The yarn name is so appropriate!

Piccinigirl said...

I love the socks, and the yarn is so appropriate. GOOD LUCK at the ER.

I know how it feels to have one person in your life that asks, that cares and doesn't just pay lip service. While going through IF I have found that the 2 women in my life who do are my true best friends and I am so thankful they are in my life, I am so happy you have someone like that too.

The BB&B coupon could not have had a better purpose. Glad it all went well. :)

serenity said...

LOVING the retrieval/transfer socks... I wished I knitted, I'd love to make a crazy pair for our next IVF cycle! May they bring you many eggs and sticky embryos. Or at the very least make you happy when you put them on. :)

Michelle said...

Your socks are awesome! Mine are store-bought and nowhere as cute. Glad that all was well with the wedding shots!