Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More of the same

Not too much has changed since my last entry. I've been at the clinic every morning since Sunday for bloodwork and a sonogram. I got to see my doctor yesterday and he said I'm doing very well. The doctor I saw today said I'm responding "extremely well" and said I have many, many follicles. She advised me to stay hydrated and get a lot of rest. I just received my daily call and they want me to cut my Foll*istim in half to 25 units and come back tomorrow morning for another check.

I'm feeling more or less okay. I've been very tired the last few days - when B comes home from the gym I'm asleep and I can't seem to make it past 10:00. Today I'm really feeling my ovaries for the first time when I walk. I feel kind of like a duck because I'm walking funny to avoid jostling them. Is it normal to feel this way after only six days of stims? I don't know, but I'm trying to take it easy.

I have to say how much I appreciate another person in my life - my sister. She calls me every day to see how I'm doing and just generally cheers me up. She also helped me deal with a stressful situation - my parents are coming from California for Thanksgiving and they'll likely be here during our transfer. My Mom wanted to stay home with me during my bedrest, something I didn't want. It's nothing against her, I just think I'm going to want to rest and relax. The only person I really want around if B. So my sister gently encouraged my parents to consider going out during the day and they agreed. We are only a very short train ride from NYC, so they should have plenty to do. Even though my sister has not had to deal with infertility, she's one of the few people that seems to really get what I'm feeling. She doesn't try to make it seem like she can ever really understand and never tells me what I'm feeling is wrong. Anyone dealing with IF knows how rare that can be.

I'll post again soon with another update - I'm sure it will be more of the same, but it's nice to record everything here so I don't forget. :)


Michelle said...

KE - Congratulations, you are doing GREAT! I think what you're feeling is totally normal - I definitely became more aware of my ovaries with each day of stims. And that's awesome that your sister is such a support to you. Esp. that she can make gentle suggestions to your parents on your behalf. What a great sister.

Keep up the good work!!!

serenity said...

Definitely stay hydrated - lots of follicles will raise your E2 levels and make your recovery a bit more difficult.

Gosh, I remember how uncomfortable I was at the end just before my retrieval... good times. Hang in there!

I am so glad your sister has been such a good support system for you, too. That makes all the difference in the world.

Thinking hopeful thoughts for you...

Piccinigirl said...

thinking lots of good thought for you!!! It sounds like your sister is keeping you happy and sane. That's great!

take good care of yourself and I'll be checking in for updates.