Friday, September 29, 2006

Eight Week Wait

Last night was our IVF consultation. They gave us a handout to read and a video to watch before the appointment. The video was a little cheesy, but I loved seeing the examples of ICSI and assisted hatching. Amazing stuff.

Our RE told us again that we're great candidates for IVF. He said he's almost sure that we'll be using ICSI and that they can't determine the need for AH until the embryos are developing. We learned that all four doctors at the clinic work together as a team, making it easier to get in and out of the clinic for appointments. Assuming our embryos are of good quality, they will only put two back and the chance of twins is ~20%. If the embryo quality is poor, they will talk to us about placing three back.

So if I get my period next week, I'll call the clinic to set up the initial round of appointments - bloodwork, physical, trial transfer, financing, etc. Three weeks later, I would start injections. The entire cycle takes about seven weeks. I have about a week left in this cycle and then a seven week treatment plan, making this a potential eight week wait.

Once again, the doctor was great. Even though I knew just about everything he said (thanks to all of the other Stirrup Queens out there!) he explained things clearly and concisely. He also made some jokes that relaxed B a lot. I appreciated that.

B continues to freak out about the idea of injections and anesthesia. When Dr. C said the nurses will teach him to inject me, I immediately asked if I could also learn. The thought of a nervous husband wielding a needle of drugs scares me! He laughed and said most women do their own shots until it come time for progesterone. It's easier for someone to assist with those.

I joked with my Mom the other day about how my desire to have a child has trumped my long-standing fear of needles. I told her that I remembered how, when I was little, they had to hold me down to get blood. She was amazed that I remembered this because I was barely two. I guess that a bad experience with needles is one of my earliest memories. B asked me how I could possibly not be going crazy at the though of daily injections, bloodwork several times a week, and being put under. Honestly, I don't care. I feel like the doctors can do whatever they want to me as long as we have a chance at success. I actually like the idea of having everything controlled by doctors. For some reason, when we watched that cheesy video, I felt like crying. The miracles of modern technology absolutely amaze me.

So for now I'm waiting this cycle out. I really hope that we get lucky, but if not...I'm ready for the next step.


Anonymous Infertile said...

Good luck! Doesn't it feel great to have a plan!

I have always been afraid of needles and would cry hysterically whenver I got blood taken (even a finger prick!). It is so funny how far I have come just for a baby. It's scary the things that we will do just to have a child of our own.

aah0424 said...

I also have a horrible needle phobia! I'm not in an IVF cycle yet, but I've been mantally preparing myself for the day I have to have daily injections. If it means I will have a baby I would probably do anything!

serenity said...

Agree with anonymous infertile - having a plan, for me at least, was the best part of a cycle. I am glad you have yours.

I am not a needle-phobe, but I'll tell you the injections are WAY not as scary as they seem. They're not bad at all. :)

Here's hoping you won't need it, though.

Hopeful Mother said...

It is indeed great to have a plan. I take comfort in checking things off in my IVF protocol calendar.

My husband is/was a huge needle-phobe but has been really really great about doing my injections. Since so much of the process involves the woman only, that is his "contribution" to our cycle. It was a little difficult to trust him entirely at first, but now I am so proud of him!

The injections are really not that bad as long as you have a routine and take your time.

Emmie said...

I'm glad you are ready for this cycle. You have a great attitude--much better than I did when I started. I spent every day terrified of the next step, only to find that each step actually wasn't that bad. So, yes, you can do this! I'm hoping this cycle will go quickly for you and you will be on your way to a BFP!

Piccinigirl said...

I am wishing you lots of luck with this, from someone who is staring down an IVF in the new year I too will do "anything" at this point if I think i will bring a baby (or two) to us.
I don't have a needle phobia, but I hate not having a plan , now that you have one, I wish you nothing but GOOD things.