Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Random Humorous Moment

So I had to go to my OBGYN's office today to get a copy of my medical file to bring to the RE tomorrow. I'm sure he could get a copy on his own, but I thought it would be good to have a copy for my records. I'm short on stuff to overanalyze right now anyway. The results of my bloodwork and cultures were all there, but nothing for my HSG. The people working in the office needed to call the hospital to find out why they didn't send a copy. The test was all the way back in May!

They weren't sure which department to call, so I told them it was radiology. They didn't really seem to know what an HSG was. One of them told me "Your HCG urine test was negative when you were here in April." Really? That's a shock! Can you tell that they don't see a lot of people dealing with infertility? I was my usual helpful, patient self. But then one of the women asked me:

"Are you sure you had this test done?"

Ummm...did I dream about being on a cold table in a cold room in a very undignified position while a catheter was inserted in my cervix and my tubes filled with cramp-inducing dye? For some reason, I wanted to laugh hysterically. But I kept my composure. To be fair, my doctor is awesome and I appreciated her kindness and understanding.

It turned into a two hour visit, but I have my test results. Everything is normal so far. I hope whatever tests the RE orders will keep showing that I'm normal. It would be nice to "only" have to deal with MFI.

I can't wait until tomorrow when I see the RE! I hope he's understanding, compassionate, and aggressive. Let's get this show on the road already!

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