Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stark White

I gave into temptation this morning and tested at 6dp5dt. Nothing. Not even a hint of a line. Not even a line that could only be seen in super bright light when held at a weird angle.

I admit that the testing conditions weren't ideal. The only test I could find expired 8/06. A little time spent with Google revealed that this wasn't a good idea. It seems like expired tests give false negatives and positives. I've purchased two brand new tests for the future. I also didn't have a very good sample. I know that concentrated FMU is best, but that wasn't possible. I have to drink a lot of water to combat the OHSS bloating and have been visiting the bathroom every hour. While this has helped me lose 8 pounds of water weight, it isn't ideal for testing. And yes, 6dp5dt is still early. I would never have tested 11 DPO in a non-IVF cycle. Despite these rationalizations, I just feel down about my chances. I don't have any feelings or symptoms that can't be explained by the PIO or OHSS.

In other related news, I continue to recover from the OHSS. I saw my doctor on Friday and learned I had gained an amazing 20 pounds. Assuming 5 pounds of that can be attributed to my less than wonderful eating habits while on stims, that's 15 pounds of water. Most of that showed up in only a few hours. My bloodwork came back normal and I am going back tomorrow for another checkup. He wants to keep a close watch on me, especially if I'm pregnant. I have to say that OHSS is very cruel to a person in the 2ww. No matter what I wear, I look about 6 months along. This glimpse of what could be burns. We skipped a family gathering today because it would be hard to explain my new bulge and I just wasn't up to dealing with happy pregnant people even though I care about them. This isn't how I usually deal with life, but I just need to look out for myself right now.

I think I might test again tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Testing conditions weren't ideal? Far from it! You tested early, with super watered down urine, and used an expired test! Still, sorry that you had to see a stark white test. Give it time!

I'm glad that you're recovering from OHSS. 20 lbs??!! I've gained 7, and feel like I'm going to explode.

serenity said...

I agree with Michelle 100%. Your testing conditions were probably the worst EVER.

Hang in there, sweetie. I will continue to hope that the bulge you have going on right now is foreshadowing. :)

Hopeful Mother said...

I agree with the others... wait a few more days until you call it negative.

Sorry about your OHSS - I hope it subsides soon...

Bea said...

Yep, take no notice yet. Glad you're feeling better after OHSS. Good luck for the next test.


Juliana said...

so sorry about the OHSS....i've got it too...but only 13lbs gained...sigh...anything else you can do to help with the bloating?