Monday, April 09, 2007

Update - the results are in!

When we first found out I was pregnant, I thought it was a girl. All of my family and friends thought I was having a girl as well. They said I have a "girl" personality. I'm not sure what that means, but I think they mean it in a good way. I tried the ring test and consulted the Chinese gender chart - both said girl. B was the only person who insisted from the start that we were having a boy, mostly because he was hoping for a girl. It became a joke between us in the long wait we had to 20 weeks.

Our ultrasound was scheduled for March 27. My MIL came with us and we were lucky - her friend is an ultrasound technician at the hospital and she was able to do the ultrasound. After she established the position of the baby, this is what we saw.

I looked at B and said "You were right, I admit it!" He didn't know what we were seeing on the screen at first, but our helpful friend typed "boy" on the screen for him and circled the appropriate area. We both had tears in our eyes. My MIL was with us and she just started whooping. I wonder what the people in the hall thought?

The rest of the ultrasound went well. All measurements were normal. We also got a few more looks between the legs. He's not shy, this one. And then the technician surprised us by switching to 4D...this isn't something she was supposed to do, but she did it because she is friends with my MIL. This is my favorite shot from the ultrasound.

Something about seeing that little face just went right to my heart. I felt much of the bitterness, sadness, and anger vanish when I saw him there. I can't even explain how it felt. It was like I wasn't really allowing myself to feel a lot of hope or excitement until that point and then all of those repressed feelings just started erupting. I still feel it today.

That night when B came home from work we took a walk and had a talk. He said he never considered how important it was to him that we have a boy because he really wanted a girl. But he thought about his Dad and how this baby will carry his name forward. Only one other cousin in our immediate family will pass that name on if he and his wife have a boy, and it's important to him to carry on the tradition. It was a teary conversation, but it was good to talk about our feelings and move forward with the rest of this journey.

So now we're trying to pick a name. We're calling him Baby S for now because we want an S name to honor my father-in-law. The middle name will be my maiden name, something that really touched my parents. We're heading to California in a few weeks to see my family. I haven't been "home" in almost a year - our December trip was postponed because of OHSS. We're planning a special surprise for my Mom - a 4D ultrasound. I never really thought it was necessary, but she's been so sad that she couldn't be here for any of my appointments and we thought this would make her feel included. Plus, who could turn down the chance at seeing that face again?

I hope to update this blog with a little more regularity. I'm still learning how not to feel guilty for feeling so happy and excited about this pregnancy. I never stop thinking about the people out there who are still waiting and are always in my thoughts and I still read your blogs even when I don't comment. It's weird to be an infertile pregnant person, and I'm still trying to find my stride.


serenity said...

Really glad to see this update. Congratulations hon - I'm so happy for you!

And re: feeling guilty... know that you give people hope. I love seeing people go from infertile to pregnant infertile to mommy infertile... it gives me so much inspiration to stay in the trenches and keep plugging away.


Emmie said...

Congratulations!!!!! Your boy is beautiful. H had the same mixed emotions about having boys when we first found out; he's always had a vision of a little girl. But now that we know, we couldn't imagine it any other way.

Ella said...

It's been forever since I've checked in, and I'm so glad I did. Wonderful news - congrats and what amazing 4D pics. Enjoy every moment and I will try to stay tuned more frequently.

Reproductive Jeans said...

SO HAPPY for you--we are MF, and gearing up for IVF--your blog gives us hope! Ill check back with you--check in with us --our IVF begins in July!

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations! Fantastic news. And never turn down a sonogram!